How it works?

Grow your business by getting the best search results for aircraft parts and services


Parts and Planes in a one-stop marketplace so that serious buyers and sellers of air parts and aircraft can find each other. Built on one of the world’s most powerful and flexible servers that boasts world-class response time, reliability, and infinite scalability, the Amazon Web Server (AWS) allows customers to search for millions of part numbers quickly and accurately. 

For sellers:

Upload your inventory.
Monitor your inventory for changes, eliminating “ghost parts.”
Get notified by the system when items are aging, including the amount of time left before expiration.



For buyers:

Search by model, description, part number, and/or part name.
Send an RFQ (request for quote) to sellers based on item part number to one or multiple sellers to begin negotiating.
Rate the products and the sellers!
We make sure that the most updated information about items for sale is clear and complete so that sellers can give accurate descriptions of their inventory, and buyers can know all of the necessary details of what they’re purchasing, including age, wear and tear, and expiration dates from the start.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What should I do if I have questions about the site or need more help?
Feel free to contact us by phone at (843) 321-8973, by email at
Or fill out the form on our “Contact Us” page.

  • Question: Why is there a fee to use this service?
  • Answer: We want this service to be used by serious sellers and buyers in the aviation industry. We charge a $1 dollar fee simply to avoid scammers and spammers, ensuring that your experience is straight-forward, streamlined, and professional.
  • Question: I’ve found something that I’m interested in; now what?
  • Answer: Once you have found an aircraft or a part that you might want to purchase, simply click on the “add to RFQs” button. Our system will lead you through the steps from there!
  • Question: Why should I use the “RFQ” button instead of simply contacting the seller directly?
  • Answer: Because this is the benefit of using our marketplace server: instead of confusing back and forth emails, all of your communication, quotes, and records stay in the same place.